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Millionaire Confessions: Justin & Claudia

On the season premiere of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Claudia and Justin checked into The Millionaire’s Club in hopes of finding love. WE caught up with them after the show to learn more about their experiences, and here’s what WE learned.

Claudia is a Columbian native who was taught that her life isn’t complete without a man by her side. She’s spent a large portion of her life jumping from one relationship to the next, resulting in 4 marriages, 6 engagements, and 8 marriage proposals. After all of Claudia’s failed relationships, it was finally time for her to seek Patti’s help. Thanks to Patti and her team, Claudia was able to find a match in Chris. WE wanted to learn more about her experience. Here’s what she had to say off camera:

When asked about her first date with Greg, Claudia said that he “…was not at all in the realm of any man I would ever date…he’s just not my type.” But even though Greg wasn’t her match, she described their date as “interesting,” “lighthearted” and “fun.”

Chris, on the other hand, certainly made more of an impression! Claudia described the widower and father of two as “very thoughtful and very nice.” She described their date as “lighthearted,” “congenial” and “kind” even though she “…didn’t appreciate him going in for a kiss” since her rule of thumb is that she never kisses on a first date. But WE are glad that she overlooked Chris’ snafu and ultimately checked out of The Millionaire’s Club with him.

Justin, aka The Human Doll, has been searching for love in all the wrong places. The 35-year-old plastic surgery guru is often criticized for his doll-like appearance and is looking for a partner who is strong enough to love, accept and support Justin just as he is. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find love at The Millionaire’s Club and here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“If there’s one thing I did learn from Patti, it’s that I have to lead with my heart and I feel like I did in these 2 dates. The fact that my date didn’t reciprocate interest simply because of the sheer amount of plastic surgery I had, shows me that HE in fact is only looking at the outer shell, and superficially scared of what the public would say if affiliated with me. That saddens my heart, but it is the reality of my current day situation. Good or bad, I will be known as the male poster child for plastic surgery; it will take a strong man to stand at my side and love, accept and support me just as I am.”

It sounds like Justin learned a lot from his experience, and WE wish him luck as he continues to search for his soulmate.

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