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10 Questions With Charismatic Purple Princess Bride, Aurora

Remember Aurora, our purple princess bride, from Season 3? Every bride dreams of marrying her prince charming and having a fairytale wedding, especially Aurora. With a giant hug, David committed to giving her the royal treatment. But was everything regal, or was there a royal disaster? Aurora answered a few questions to catch us up on her life and about her unforgettable wedding.

What did you think when David told her she was getting married at Disneyland?
When David made his announcement it was one of the best days of my life! I immediately believed him, but my imagination was running wild. I was wondering how big it would be. I thought of DJ Tanner (Full House) and of Laura Winslow (Family Matters). LOL I thought of Cinderella. I was just filled with imagination, in all honesty. I then snapped back into reality and realized that the third time that I would ever attend Disneyland in my life I would be getting married (AWWW!). I said to myself, “Dreams do come true, dreams do come true!”

Have you been back since?
Yes, we went back to Disneyland a year later and enjoyed downtown Disney for giggles.

Whatever happened to the purple dress?
The purple dress is in the closet boxed up next to the Alfred Angelo dress that I wore. I am always offering it to anyone willing to wear it. Everyone keeps denying me, LOL. It still means so much to me because my sisters bought what I thought I wanted to wear. I am going to wear it one of these days; I just don’t know which day or where to.

What was your favorite part about your wedding?
OMG! That’s not a fair question. If I had to choose, it would have been the horse and carriage. How beautiful was that! Next, meeting all the Disney Princesses – that was unreal! The whole wedding was just priceless.

You seem very fun, charismatic and bubbly. Is that how you would describe your personality?
I suppose, yes! I would actually accept that. Everywhere I go I am talking extremely loud or laughing at something. I simply just love life and what happens in it on a day-to-day basis.

How do you think your husband will react when he sees the special?
When David sees the special I think we are just going to sit on the couch laughing really loud at the silly things I’m capable of saying or doing. He loves making fun of me so it’s going to be great to sit back and laugh at myself.

Your family?
My family is simply going to be excited that I am back on TV, LOL, especially my family in Florida who haven’t seen me since the honeymoon. Most of them are still stuck in the moment, especially my dad. My mother-in-law is going to go bragging about the special as soon as she finds out when it airs.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Dave and I went to the Bahamas! I was a Bahama mama for four days. It was great! Very romantic. After a wedding that BIG and full of surprises I highly recommend going somewhere.

OMG! They noticed me from the show out there. My hair was dry and my skin was glistening with ash, LOL, but it didn’t bother me. I still smiled and took pictures with people and had a great time.

Any kids in your future?
Were praying for them. It’s a bit more complicated then we thought. We finally just made the announcement this year, so that the family can stop demanding it and understand that were honestly trying. It’s extremely complicated. Maybe when it happens David will come back out and help with baby shower plans.

Anything else you want the My Fair Wedding fans/viewers to know?
I just want everyone to know that David and I are doing amazing. We’re simply just enjoying being married. We would like to start a family so anyone who has had complications with conceiving and have any tips please share them. My sisters are doing great and Melody is still perfecting those dance moves, teaching me a few along the way. I want to let everyone know that David Tutera is as nice and sweet as he appears on TV. (That is always a question that is asked on the streets.) Last, but not least, thanks for the many wishes and thinking of us years later. Means a lot to us.