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10 Ways to Know She’s a Momzilla

This season on My Fair Wedding: Unveiled, forget about Bridezillas … you’re going to meet some serious MOMzillas! The mama drama begins on Sept. 8 at 9|8c, when the new season of My Fair Wedding premieres, but in the meantime, here are 10 ways to spot an unbridled Momzilla at YOUR wedding — or any wedding, for that matter.

1. Her outfit is all wrong.
Maybe the dress is just too … revealing (we know one mother of the bride who’s nipple actually popped out!). Or maybe she’s (gasp) wearing white. Or maybe she’s had more fittings for her dress than the bride herself. Whatever it is, if mom is overly concerned with HER outfit, she’s probably a Momzilla.

2. She cries constantly (and were not talking about the ceremony).
If mom bursts into tears at the slightest wedding snafu — for example, peonies aren’t in season for the big day — that’s a good indicator that she’s taking the wedding more seriously than the bride herself. A clear Momzilla giveaway.

3. She refers to it as “my” wedding.
We know one bride whose mother-in-law kept slipping and referring to the wedding as “my” wedding. This bride made the unfortunate mistake of letting her MIL invite almost all of her friends — a definite wedding “don’t”!

4. She expects to be invited to every appointment.
A Momzilla expects to help choose everything from the flowers to the favors — god forbid you select one detail without her help! Be kind and let your mom (or MIL) weigh in on at least one aspect of your big day, but beware of letting her calendar get too full. You need some breathing room!

5. She’s more concerned about her dance with the groom than YOUR dance with the groom.
Just like many brides dance with their dads, many grooms still dance with their moms at the reception … but if mom is agonizing over the song choice, taking dance lessons and planning the choreography, chances are she’s forgetting who should really be the center of attention (you!).

6. She doesn’t know when to say when.
The only thing worse than a drunk bride is a drunk mother of the bride (or a drunk mother of the groom). If your mom or MIL gets tipsy after one sip of champagne, have someone cut her off before she starts hitting on the groomsmen!

7. She’s on a yearlong self-improvement plan.
It’s normal for brides to start dieting and exercising as soon as they have a ring on their finger, but if mom is starving herself on the newest fad diet, bleaching her teeth, straightening her hair and otherwise blowing loads of cash on her appearance, it’s a sign that she want more than her share of the spotlight. Momzilla alert!

8. She’s trying to sabotage the wedding.
Maybe your mom never really liked your fiancé … or your mother-in-law never really liked you! Whatever the case, if you suspect that mom is trying to cause problems between you and your intended, keep her out of the planning before she ruins everything.

9. She’s hijacked the seating plan.
Figuring out the seating plan is one of the toughest jobs at any wedding … but if your mom is insisting that Uncle Albert sit at Table 1 rather than your BFF, kindly ask her to butt out. Or demote her to Table 2.

10. She tries to get in every picture.
The memories of your big day will last a lifetime … so YOU should be in most if not all of them! If mom appears to be lurking around every time the photographer comes near you, ask one of your trusty bridesmaids to distract her. Then smile sweetly for the camera.