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A Look Back with My Fair Wedding’s Bombshell Pinup, Mandy

Remember Mandy from Season 1? Honestly, who could forget? Mandy was the bleach-blonde, tattoo-covered, Marilyn Monroe impersonator from Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, whose wedding to her fiancé, Mike, promised to be nothing if not unique. David transformed her wedding into a scene right out of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” and he also had her train with a top Broadway singing coach so she can serenade Mike at the reception.

As we look back at this unforgettable bride in the My Fair Wedding special “David, Divas and Disasters,” airing Saturday, October 20 at 9|8c, Mandy graciously answered a few questions to catch us up on her life and about her unforgettable wedding.

What was your favorite part about your wedding? 
I enjoyed most of my wedding, but I guess the best part was seeing all my friends and family and even the guests. Watching them enjoy themselves and having them express that [my wedding] was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended was wonderful. Another great part was knowing that everything was going to be flawless from beginning to end. I realized how important it is to work with a wedding planner/coordinator in order to have the best overall outcome for an event, rather then trying to suddenly take that role on all by yourself. I know we all want things just so, but with today’s busy lifestyles why sacrifice peace of mind and happiness by doing it all yourself? In my line of work, I encounter lots of brides that are so stressed out and distressed because of having to take on too much all by themselves. Their day is supposed to be a joyous day, and often you see them waiting for it all to be over. 

David said that after he planned your wedding, he knew My Fair Wedding was a show he was going to enjoy doing. How does that make you feel?  (You were his 2nd bride EVER on My Fair Wedding!!)
I think that’s fabulous! It’s a great show because of the variety of completely different themes and a world of possibilities available to those whom want to go a step beyond their typical classic wedding – not that there is anything wrong at all with that. I think making it more personalized to the couple’s personalities makes it all more memorable, and David shows that perfect happy medium. Plus, among other things I enjoy about watching the show is David. He is a fascinating master of his craft and a delight to watch. You can tell he enjoys doing the show.

Were you nervous to sing at your own wedding? 
I was not nervous at all being on stage. I have performed many times during my years of Marilyn Monroe impersonating, so you kind of get into your own space and just focus on doing your best rather thinking about who is watching or what they are thinking. All that is what makes you nervous, because no matter what, you’re never going to be loved by everyone, so why not just enjoy yourself?

How do you think your husband will react when he sees the special? Your family?
I already know how he will react because he was sitting right next to me when we filmed it. I think my family will enjoy it. Why wouldn’t they?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We did not go on a honeymoon because both of us are working very busy schedules at our Pinup Photography Studio,

Any kids in your future?  
We are gonna go ahead and pass on that, although, babies and children are great. My sons are now 20 and 18 years old, and Mike’s son is 15 – so they are almost all grown. We are more focused on our careers and our future.  We do, however, have pets.

Anything else you want the My Fair Wedding fans/viewers to know?
My Fair Wedding was a wonderful experience and truly a gift; it was an honor to have worked with all the amazing people whom made it happen, and especially David whom has magically touched our lives with his fabulous magical wedding wand of creative genius. We will always cherish that special.