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Catching Up With Season Three’s Texas Cowgirl Sweetheart, Nicki

Remember Nicki from Season 3? This Texas cowgirl was dead set on two-stepping her way off into the sunset and her wedding day… and David helped her to that in style. But the days leading up to the big day were certainly entertaining. Nicki answered a few questions to catch us up on her life and about her unforgettable wedding.

Did David really keep his cool when his pants ripped?
I didn’t even realize he had ripped them at first. When I found out he ripped them I couldn’t stop laughing. It made it even better that they were his favorite pair of pants. When we were having the picnic after we rode horses he lifted up his leg to show off the HUGE hole in his jeans. Everything (his junk) was hanging ALL OUT. The solution to that problem is he shouldn’t wear such tight pants.

Why did you want to wear boots with your wedding dress?
Wearing boots with my dress was just what felt natural. You can’t have a dance floor and country music and wear fancy heels that are uncomfortable. I feel awkward in shoes that don’t fit me. I wasn’t going to spend one of the most important nights of my life wearing something I didn’t feel like “me” in. I was wearing those damn boots and no one was stopping me. Not even David!

What was the most authentically Texas aspect of your wedding?
I felt like my wedding was so authentic and so laid back. You know when you walk into a house and you say “this just feels like home”. That’s how my wedding felt for me. Everything came so natural and everything was in place perfectly. I can’t explain how magical the night was for me. The entire wedding was authentic to me from the start to finish. You just had to be there and TV couldn’t do it justice!!!

Tell us how you really felt about the “Dog Hooker” reference? Do you still hear about that today?
The crew of the set of the show was AMAZING!!! The “Dog Hooker” reference was sooo funny to me. I gave the guys such a hard time on the set it was only right they retaliated. The DOG part of the reference was my mom’s fault. I will take blame for the Hooker part. But I swear that butter dish was a bell. I don’t hear about it from anyone. But I do give my mom a hard time all the time for saying that I needed to go to obedient school.

When’s the last time you rode a horse?
I rode a horse yesterday. Ha, that’s a lie. The last time I rode a horse was the day I rode one with David. I’m more of a “put a coin in the kiddy horse and ride it” kind of a girl.

Was your wedding everything you dreamed of and more? Did it lack anything you really wanted?
My wedding was BADASS. I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. I’ve never felt so blessed to have something happen to me. No other bride gets to show up on her wedding day and not have to worry about anything at all. I can’t put into words how it felt. The show didn’t do it justice. I was sad because I didn’t get to eat any of the groom’s cake and it looked soooo good. I also didn’t get to drink any beer because we were so busy the entire wedding. I would have liked a mechanical bull at the wedding so I could have watched all the drunken guests attempt it but David just couldn’t pull that one off.

How do you think your husband will react when he sees the special? Your family?
My husband is a HUGE nerd. So I hope that on the special the whole world can see that. I’m sure he will love the show and he’s kind of emotional, so I’m sure he will squirt some tears. My mom is the only one that will have any other kind of reaction because she made a really air-headed comment on national TV. But she is a really big ditz so it’s only right that she is exposed.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Cozumel on our honeymoon and it was awesome. We had the best time there and stayed in the ocean every second we could. I can’t wait to go back.

Any kids in your future?
Yes lots of babies in the future. I’m an only child so I want a HUGE family. When we recorded the follow up show I was nine months pregnant. I was so fat. I have now popped that baby out and I have two beautiful boys. Hopefully that third go around I can be successful with a girl.

Anything else you want the My Fair Wedding fans/viewers to know?
I would like to say that my husband gets noticed all the time for being on the show. I can be standing right beside him and people will walk up to him and say, “Aren’t you that guy from My Fair Wedding?” I guess I need some sideburns to be noticed!!!

David and the crew were the most amazing people I have ever had to privilege to be around. I love them all for providing me with one of the best experiences of my life.