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David: “And in the End Her Fairy Tale Came True”

When I met her, she wanted a Snow White, winter wonderland wedding. I know, when you hear that, you might think she’s twelve years old, but she was a girl who completely saw her groom as her prince charming. So I embraced it and was ready to bring snow to LA!

I took a sound stage and a snow machine and made it snow for when they exchanged the vows. The room was completely designed in white, with flocked white pine trees all around. The table cloths were ice blue and platinum silver–all trimmed in faux fur. When you were in the room, you literally felt the warmth of the love and the crispness of the snow.

One of the things that I thought of when I thought of the story of Snow White was that I remembered the wicked queen poisoned Snow White by making her eat an apple, which is quite frankly not a very happy fairy tale. What I decided to do was to take the apple and infuse it into each of the courses of her food that was served, as well as to her speciality drink and even the scent of the candles. I took what was bad and made it good.

The challenge with her wedding was, when you think of the story of Snow White, it’s honestly really not a great story until like the last five pages of the fairy tale! So, I wanted her to experience her own fairy tale. What I came up with was that every time I was with her, I wrote the pages of her own fairy tale based on what we did that day, and she literally lived the pages as we led up to her wedding. I found a gorgeous leather-bound book and on the first page started with “Once upon a time…” From the change of her bridesmaids dresses and her bridal gown, to the specialty drinks she tried, to even the new food she tasted…on every page I wrote about what was about to happen, then she read it out loud, and the magical story came alive right in front of her.

And in the end her fairy tale came true, and Sno E. and her prince charming lived happily ever after…