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David Answers Your Wedding Questions

You asked, he answered! Thanks for submitting your wedding planning questions for David. He has personally answered a few of them – so read on for his advice.

1. Brithney.hislop: What time of year do you start casting for your show?

It changes each season depending on when we start filming. You can check out the casting section year-round for updates.

2. Judith: I am straight from Mexico and my fiance is American, and we are trying to incorporate both of our cultures into such an import day for us and our families. The food, music, and language is all different. Do you have some advice for me?

I love it when couples incorporate both of their heritages into the wedding. You can actually do this with everything at the wedding; from fashion, to food, to decor, to music. In an episode I did with my Asian Fusion Bride, we incorporated elements of the Chinese and Indian cultures, and did so where each culture had its own moment. The dishes were Indian, the entertainment had a Chinese influence, the beading on my bride’s gown had an Indian feel and the decor was a gorgeous blend of bright colors, lots of red, and glass and paper lanterns to represent both cultures. Watch the below video featuring a Tutera Tip about blending cultures.

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3. TabB: I’m having an intimate wedding with my fiance in Vegas and am overwhelmed. Is there anything else in addition to hotel, airfare, and a wedding package that I need to arrange? And what exactly does one wear to get married in Vegas?

I was recently interviewed about courthouse weddings and the same thoughts apply here. You only get to be a bride once, so wear something that makes you feel gorgeous–whether it’s a full-length gown and veil or a shorter dress with a great-looking hair accessory. Do what’s appropriate for who you are.

4. brandy: Well, I want my wedding colors and or theme to be zebra print and hot pink but cannot find anything that all matches together. I’m so lost and confused on what to with everything I feel as all of it together is going to be too much zebra print and its gunna look like a mess.

I once worked with a bride on My Fair Wedding who wanted zebra print EVERYWHERE in her wedding! It was really overwhelming. Understanding how zebra print related to her and her groom’s story, I kept it but primarily as an accent for her safari-themed wedding. It was on the candles, trimmed the table linens, on the groom’s pocket square… it actually was everywhere, just not in an overpowering way. A great way to keep the print to a minimum is using it just to accent lots of solid black, white, and pink.

5. Twilayork86: Do you need a theme for a wedding? Is just having a color scheme okay?

Honestly, I don’t feel a theme is necessary. Of course we have it for the show to make for good TV, but really the key word is to have style at your wedding. Although that’s not a free pass to make your wedding boring. You still need to find ways to share your story as a couple through the elements of the wedding, whether it’s the food, the favors or the fashion.

6. Kjjetfan: It’s both me and my fiance’s second wedding and both my parents have passed away. Since I don’t have a dad anymore, does this mean I don’t walk down the aisle? Can I wear a gown as long as it isn’t white?

Every bride is entitled to her moment walking down the aisle, and I would never advise my brides to go alone. For one reason or another, a bride may find herself without her father or even the opposite, with two fathers–a biological and step-father–to walk her down the aisle. The important thing is that you have someone close to you to be there with you. This could be an uncle, a grandfather, an aunt, a brother or a best friend… It’s the essence of the tradition that’s most important.

7. Rhashanda: How do you pick if you should wear a veil or something else? My wedding is a beach wedding and my dress is a simple A line with a very small train, as I am planning on wearing the dress again for something. Please help me.

There’s no rule that a bride must wear a veil, although personally I am a fan. You can always opt for a small caged veil or a beautiful hair accessory.

8. Micki: I must have the Carolee Lux necklace worn by Candice in Shabby Chic Bride for my wedding. Can you help me get in touch with someone who can help me buy that necklace? Do they still make it and if so what is it called?

I’m glad you liked it! It was the Torsade Necklace, and the style number is N5113-4141. You can try contacting customer service to see if it is still available; their email is

9. Rinh: How can we pay homage to the roots of the in laws-to-be, which is Latin American and Italian?

Like I mentioned in my response to Judith: you can incorporate two cultures into a wedding in lots of great ways. Take elements from each and infuse them into the food, fashion, and the decor color scheme. You’ll find the opportunities are endless!

10. Shoe girl: What was the designer of the brides maid dress for Shabby Chic Bride?

Montage by Mon Cheri Bridal. The style # is 211926: