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David Discusses Blending Cultures

A wedding is a great way to share the importance of your culture and heritage from several families. For Lauren, we infused the Indian culture with the Chinese culture. A lot of times, brides and grooms always ask me “How can we really tell our story? We don’t really know what you mean, David, when you say ‘you need to tell your story.'” This was a perfect example of how to do that. It was a wedding not based in one culture, as they commonly are, but in both cultures and in multiple ways, mixing the Chinese and Indian through the entire ceremony and reception. We did it with the food and entertainment and decor. We even did it through the fashion and music. We did it in ways that both cultures weren’t represented at the same time, so they were able to breathe and have their own moments.

This is also completely unrelated, but I would like to mention that they probably had the best first dance I’ve ever seen as husband and wife. It was so fun. What you may not have seen in the show is that they were a very playful couple. They were together for a long time and you can tell that they understood each other really well, and I loved how they played off each other’s energy. She’s a dancer, so they took classes and did a choreographed dance together. He wasn’t spot-on but was so playful and it looked great! It’s really a good tip for my brides-to-be out there.

They picked an interesting song, it was prepared, we had lights on them and it didn’t last forever and ever (versus the usual painful four minutes swaying). They went in, they smiled, they danced, they had fun, it ended and you loved it! I really love these moments in a wedding, which are times when you feel like you’re invited to watch something wonderful that not many will ever see.