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David: “I Was Mad Mad Mad in Love With Her Concept!”

I was mad mad mad in love with her concept! When Taylor and her fiancé came outside to greet me, I couldn’t figure out why they looked the way they looked until I went inside and found out the theme was Mad Men, because they really looked like they stepped out of the ’60s set from Mad Men.
It’s great when you meet a bride and groom and they pick a concept that’s perfect for them and honestly, not many of my brides could have pulled off a Mad Men themed wedding. I also took a chance with her.  She was my first bride ever to wear a tea-length wedding dress on the show!
Leading up to their wedding, we did a photo shoot that embraced the look and feel of the 1960s including Taylor, her fiancé, the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We shot downtown at the LA Center Studios which is where they actually film parts of Mad Men. So I put them in the experience of being on set to get them really connected to the theme. And boy, that could’ve gone a hundred different ways, but the only way it went was perfect. I mean, this entire bridal party embraced the ’60s and it looked like they were literally cast for the moment.
And that’s what I’m saying: that moment is when you know that a couple picked what theme they want for their wedding truly because they love it and it makes sense to them. They’re a perfect example of how to pick a look, or style, or concept or theme that tells the story of who they are. It was SO appropriate. Sometimes brides and grooms pick themes (which, I’m actually very reluctant on themes–ironically since everyone on the show does have a theme), but this was more of an execution of style. It was the ’60s through fashion, make-up, hair, music, props, flowers… everything you would’ve seen in the 1960s was embraced throughout, as opposed to a theme which becomes somewhat childlike and I have to work to find a way to make it more elegant.