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David on Episode 509: Baroque Wedding

Summer and Ryan

Let’s go backwards on this one because the end result of Summer and Ryan’s ceremony turned out to be one of my favorite in all the MFW episodes I have done throughout all five seasons. Her wedding was spectacular, beautiful and one of my favorites in all that I’ve executed. The reason I want to tell the story backwards on this one is because from the moment I met them up until two days before the wedding, I had no idea how to handle this bride. She was a bride who did not know how to express her thoughts or feelings; she was extremely reserved even though her appearance seemed to say the opposite. She was a bride that pent up a lot of emotions while her groom, Ryan, was the complete opposite. I realized during a weekend meeting with the two of them that I was more focused on the groom than the bride because Ryan had the ability to share his thoughts, express what he wanted for the wedding and was very vocal and extremely outgoing, whereas Summer was completely the opposite. It wasn’t until Ryan, the groom, shared with me while we were out playing pool with my dad who was visiting that I really needed to pay attention to Summer. I embraced it and I started to ask her questions. What she said she wanted was not what she really meant. Her explanation of what baroque was, which was her original concept, was not baroque. She had used the wrong word for her visual explanation. She wanted a simple, beautiful, classic, romantic, dramatic wedding with whites, crystals, pinks and very light and airy; baroque is dark, heavy, bronze, gold and burgandy and that wasn’t what she wanted, so it was a good thing that her groom basically forced me and sort of helped me understand his bride better and when I did, she ultimately wound up getting the wedding of her dreams.

They were a great couple. One of those very few couples you feel blessed and honored to be in the presence of because they’re so in love and deserved to have this amazing wedding. When I watched them walk down the aisle, I knew they were in it for a lifetime.