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David Tutera’s Top 10 Random Favorites

While you may think you know David Tutera, host of WE’s David Tutera Unveiled, you may just be surprised to learn what makes him tick! For example, would you ever think this leading wedding and lifestyle planner—who loves style, elegance and formal wear—finds serenity when covered in dirt? From his “must-have” comfort food, his competitive guilty pleasure and to the biography that continues to inspire him, David confesses to 10 of his favorite things that only those in his inner circle are aware of…until now!

TV show (classic): I Love Lucy. This past Christmas alone I received a number of “I Love Lucy” memorabilia from my family. I was so excited about my gifts that I even posted a picture of myself—in my robe!—on my Twitter account while holding my presents in front of the tree on Christmas morning! Click here to see for yourself!

TV show (current): I enjoy watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and Law and Order.

Movie: Currently, The Help .

Book: Walt Disney’s Biography. Overall it’s just so inspirational. He’s a man who followed his dream, even at a time when he thought the industry was moving beyond animation. He pushed, worked hard and made his own way and never stopped dreaming. The results of his work have touched the lives of millions, or even more, and made the world a better place.

Cocktail: I think everyone knows that my real beverage addiction is Starbucks—a venti quad cappuccino, to be exact. Hot or cold is the only difference. When I am filming, I’m known to drink a few of these coffee drinks. But I also enjoy a great martini, up with a twist or a whiskey served on the rocks.

Comfort-food meal: I definitely have a chocolate sweet tooth. My entire staff now keeps chocolate in the office at all times just in case!

Vacation destination: Anywhere in Italy. I celebrated my 40th birthday in Tuscany so I could share this special place with my closest family and friends. I come from an Italian family and I just love traveling to Italy and experiencing the culture, the people, the food and the shopping!

Way to unwind: Gardening and taking care of my gardens really helps me unwind. I will literally come back into the house covered in dirt yet feeling so much more relaxed.

Guilty pleasure: I love playing games on my phones and iPad: Brickbreaker, Angry Birds, Scrabble…you name it. I get extremely engrossed and probably a little too competitive.

Saying: “Dream Bigger.” I live by this idea, and I encourage all of my brides, my friends and my family to do this as well. Just when you think that things can’t get any better, dream bigger!!!