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David’s Choices

When most celebrities are interviewed, they’re usually aware of the questions they’re going to be asked…which explains why most of their answers tend to be thought-out and well-rehearsed. So WE tv decided to go the opposite route with My Fair Wedding host David Tutera. We asked him a number of “this or that” type questions and simply wanted his immediate response. From his favorite types of weddings to his preferred taste in music (could he choose between Lady Gaga and Adele?), read on to find out how David replied to our on-the-spot choices:

1. Winter wedding or summer wedding? Summer wedding

2. Traditional bride or modern bride? Traditional

3. TV interview or print interview? Definitely TV

4. Plane ride or car trip? Plane

5. Early morning or late at night? Morning

6. LA or NYC? I’m going with LA

7. Lazy vacation or fun vacation? FUN!

8. Musical or play? Musical

9. Biography or fiction> Biographies

10. Book or Kindle? An old-fashioned book

11. Movie theater or movie rental? Rental. I love the movies, but sometimes there’s too much of a time investment to go out.

12. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

13. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.

14. Appetizer or dessert? Dessert!!

15. Take-out or cooking? Take-out

16. Shopping in store or shopping online? Store, all the way!

17. Lady Gaga or Adele? Lady Gaga…but both are incredible!

18. Oscars or Grammy’s? Oscar night

19. Cats or dogs? Cats—I love my three furry babies.

20. Roses or sunflowers? Sunflowers always make me smile and remind me of Italy, which I love.

21. Country or rock? Country music

22. Disneyland or DisneyWorld? That’s a hard one, but there’s more to do at DisneyWorld.

23. DJ or live band? LIVE music!

24. Cake or cupcakes? Cake because cupcakes just aren’t enough for one serving. Take our MFW Season 5 Cake Competition!

25. Pie or cake? Again I’m going with cake. Pie always disappoints me. It tries to be too fancy. Cake is sweeter.

26. Beach or forest? Beach! Too many bugs in the woods… it’s sticky, scary, there’s animals. No thanks.