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Five Questions with Rachel Reilly

On this season of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled, David Tutera creates the wedding of a lifetime for reality star duo Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villagas (known as “Brenchel” to their fans). After two seasons on Big Brother and one season on The Amazing Race, the couple decided to take their biggest plunge on national TV—which turned out to be their biggest challenge yet! Here, Rachel shares the ups and downs throughout the 21-day planning process, along with the number one piece of advice she wants to offer every bride-to-be.

Question #1: Have you been “planning” your wedding for years like many females do?
Answer #1: Oh my God, no! I haven’t planned my wedding at all! I truly had no idea where to start, what to plan, what to look for, what I needed to buy or anything. And let me tell you, I was freaking out the entire time on My Fair Wedding: Unveiled!

Question #2: Did you begin the planning phase with any themes or ideas of your own?
Answer #2: I had a million ideas—and they changed every single day! I think there was a little part of David that wanted to kill me! Honestly, it was so crazy that I had him literally have to tell me, “That’s it—no more changes!”

Question #3: Were there any “must-haves” for your wedding day? For example, my wedding must be formal or my wedding must take place outdoors?
Answer #3: I wanted to make sure that my wedding was different from any other wedding ever, EVER in the world! I wanted a crazy, over-the-top, different and memorable wedding. I didn’t think David could do it, especially since I kept changing my mind and I kept telling him crazy over-the-top things that I wanted him to do. I think at one point I asked to come in on a shooting star! But I think my original idea was to go to the Arctic Circle and get married under the Aurora Borealis! Let’s just say David thought that I was crazy…

Question #4: What part of the wedding planning turned out to be the most fun for you?
Answer #4: Oh my God, my favorite, favorite, favorite part of the wedding planning was the circus school (you’ll need to tune it to see what that is!) and my “Princess Day,” when I got to wear a million dollars worth of jewels and designer dresses! And I had GooGoo (Thomasina Atkins, celebrity stylist and cast member of WE tv’s Mary Mary) style me—I almost died that day! I will never forget it!

Question #5: What piece of advice would you give a bride who is just beginning to plan her dream wedding?

Answer #5: Oh my God, definitely make a dream board because there are so many things that you want—and so many times you’re going to change your mind and go in a completely different direction! It’s like organized craziness! So I think every bride needs to pull pictures from magazines and the Internet and put them on her dream board. Then, be flexible—go into the planning process with ideas that you are willing to change. Keep in mind that a million decisions go into every one decision. And if all else fails, then just hire David Tutera!