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From Halloween Themed-Wedding to a Masquerade Ball

Hello! My name is Berda and I work for a catering company in Los Angeles. I have not been planning my wedding since I was little. In fact, I have only been to two weddings in my adult life so I had no idea how to plan one or any family or friends to help.

Originally, my theme was Halloween because it’s our favorite holiday. Our budget was tiny, so I bought fake orange flowers, orange and black plastic tableware, and, of course, spider webs. Marc’s enthusiasm waned when I put a plastic skeleton in the middle of each centerpiece.

Suddenly, we were a month away and we still hadn’t solidified our location, caterer, or dressed the bridal party! Then, Marc had the brilliant idea of contacting David Tutera. We were convinced that if anyone could save our wedding it was David.

We were ecstatic when David agreed to plan our wedding! His face was hilarious when he saw my centerpiece with the plastic skeleton. He probably wanted to yell, “WHAT??!!” I confessed that I felt alone during this process and that I didn’t know what to do. He said, “You’re not alone. I’m here.” And even though he made it clear that he had a lot of work to do, he was so confident and kind that I knew our wedding couldn’t be in better hands. I was relived to let David take over!

David changed the Halloween theme to a Venetian Masquerade Ball! He added everything I lacked – glamor, mystery, fun, elegance, drama (the good kind) and passion. At first, I was upset that he wanted to change my dress but when I saw the dress he chose I was thrilled. I never envisioned myself in something so extravagant but I loved it! And then David told me the best thing ever – I was the first bride to wear a design from his own line!!! What an honor!!!!

David and I had a great relationship. He was fun, caring, generous, and obviously loves what he does. He’s rare in that he has the power to change your life while he’s changing your wedding. My favorite part of the process was seeing myself through his eyes. David said, “You always make safe decisions.” He’s right! I can be bolder in my life. I can start thinking outside the box. David’s a remarkable person and I’m so grateful to have been able to meet him.

At first I was nervous about filming but David and the crew put me at ease. Our first day included a beautiful gondola ride in the marina and then I tried on three spectacular wedding dresses. Our second day was a look at three gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and then a fun waltz lesson with Marc!

Our family and friends were very excited and couldn’t wait to see what David had planned.

Our wedding day was miraculous! The colors were gorgeous – royal blue and gold with brightly colored roses. Each guest received a beautiful Venetian mask to wear. The venue was unbelievable! We had cocktails in a peaceful outdoor garden and the ceremony and reception were held in a spectacular old cathedral. It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the day was but one of the highlights was looking at the faces of our friends and family and seeing their happiness and amazement. I am so grateful to David for throwing us a wedding that brought so much joy to our families and friends (and us!) and will be talked about for the rest of our lives. Thank you! A million times thank you!