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Sheena’s Transformation

Sheena’s transformation from a demure understudy to a powerhouse soloist is one right out of a theatrical show. When I first stepped into Sheena’s world, it wasn’t as confident as you would think. This woman was lost in a loud sea of noise and struggling to find her own voice. From Lady Gaga and Beyonce, to Mardi Gras, Parrots, hot purple, pink and masks, her husband described her ideas best, as “a big hot mess.” 

As time progressed, I knew Dallas would be the perfect setting for this star’s journey. Everything is big and bold in Texas. Even though the stage was set, I was still challenged on how to bring this quiet girl out from the background. She needed to feel comfortable in the spotlight and to fully embody the diva she was about to become. So in order to do that, I brought in a special team to start the transformation.

Glitz. Glamour. Photographers. Hair. Make Up. All was invited to make our Sheena the biggest Diva of the decade. We surprised her and her 6 bridesmaids with personal stylists. These stylists came in to prep the girls for a glamorous photo shoot. Little did they know there was also a surprise in store for them! As the preparation for the shoot took place, Sheena began to unleash her inner diva, and any traits of being coy and shy were a thing of the past. An important idea for every bride to learn is that each bride is important and deserves to be in the spotlight. Whether you are making a grandiose entrance, or walking to your sweetheart table, it is your day, and you deserve the attention. No bride should ever be looked passed or slip through the cracks.Sheena couldn’t slip through the cracks, even if she tried. After her transformation, the diva was about to be unleashed. By limo, she arrived at her wedding, which was set up like a 50’s style movie premiere. Adoring fans welcomed her, with cheers and screams. It was truly all about her that day. She was welcomed with the photos from the photo shoot and she was escorted into the theater. A trailer for her “film” was also played, giving the audience a sneak peak at the lifestyles of the fabulous women as they prepared for their photo shoot. Sheena looked beautiful at the wedding and after seeing her smile, I knew that this was an evening she would never forget.