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Take Five with David Tutera

My Fair Wedding has now transformed into My Fair Wedding: Unveiled… and celebrity wedding and event planner David Tutera is in for his most challenging season! While it may seem as if David waves a magic wand in order to create a bride’s ultimate fairy tale wedding, the truth is that it takes a tremendous amount of work — and talented people — to bring a bride’s vision to life…and in such a short amount of time, no less.

“There’s always drama and always issues, both emotionally and personally, and we deal with it in every episode,” states David.

Read on to learn his top five reasons why this upcoming season is his favorite one yet.

#1. The show this season is what I’ve been wanting to do…which is to really show the drama leading to the results in getting to the final moment, which, of course, is the walk down the aisle. Everything doesn’t go as smoothly as people thought they would because the reality is that weddings are challenging.

#2. I love the realness of this season. I love the conflict of this season. I love the results of this season.

#3. I love the fact that the wedding is still the dream of what the brides want and they come true. It’s just getting to that point is a little bit of a journey.

#4. You see a complete other side of me which is the real side of me — the unveiled side of me. I’m a little bit of a mess, but always there to make sure everything comes together at the end. You see part of my family, part of my personal life, part of who I am which to me is in large part what makes what I do so exciting because I’m passionate about everything that surrounds me.

#5. Another thing you’ll get to see is the process of putting these weddings together. It doesn’t just magically happen. In past seasons people always said, “How did you do that so quickly? Is it magic?” And it isn’t. It’s a lot of time, a lot of energy and a great team of experts from my event coordinators that are all there for the journey, as well as a great group of vendors that really make my vision come alive. So you’re seeing the process from when I see what the brides and grooms want, to the vision I create, to the execution of the changes, to the confusion and the conflicts to the final result.

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