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Top Ten Reasons I Love My Job

David Tutera, host of WE’s My Fair Wedding , is a leading wedding and entertainment expert. When David isn’t making a bride’s dream wedding come to life in front of the WE camera crew, he is either planning a celebrity bash, traveling around the globe to design weddings and charity functions, or lecturing on the art of creating a stylish event. And while he may be away from his home for weeks at a time and have an over-booked schedule that’s filled with countless deadlines, David can’t say enough about why he’s grateful for his career. Here, he shares his top 10 reasons for why he loves his job, “in good times and in bad!”

1. Helping people truly is at the core of my job. Most often, this help comes in the form of creating a perfect wedding day, and a lasting memory for the couple, their families and their guests. Sometimes though, I am able to help in a more permanent, personal way…this is especially true on My Fair Wedding where I often have the opportunity to work with brides in overcoming fears, recognizing their inner beauty or reconnecting with an estranged family member.

2. Reaching people of all ages from all walks of life. I have fans that are 9 months, 7 years, and 82 years old… from college students to police officers. I love being able to touch so many people’s lives.

3. I have met some of the nicest people in my career and many of my clients, brides and associates have become my closest friends.

4. Travel! So many of the events I do take me to the most beautiful places on earth. Recently I’ve been to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and some fabulous hidden gems here in America. In each of these places, I am able to get a real “local” experience and draw inspiration and traditions from the customs, menu, music and cultures at each stop.

5. It’s always positive! Working with brides on the most special day of their lives, or with any client on huge milestone events allows me to be involved at the happiest times in their lives. And since my role is to make these moments run smoothly and look as stunning as possible, the combination is hard to beat.

6. My job is always changing…from different themes to different venues and this keeps things interesting and challenging!

7. It’s so educational. With every single party I plan, I learn new things from new traditions and customs to new styles of food or types of music. I love learning about new cultures, new color combinations, new anything.

8. The wedding and event industry is so vast that my job has allowed me to explore so many different aspects of it. From jewelry to fashion to books to crafts, it just continues to grow…

9. It’s always evolving…trends change, technology improves and new ideas are always happening. Its amazing to be in a field where creativity is always being pushed to the brink and where I must evolve too to keep up with it all.

10. The fans of My Fair Wedding, my books and my other products are one of the biggest perks of the job. Interacting with them in person or through my social media outlets has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people on the planet.