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WE Tells All: My Fair Wedding Unveiled, Mexican/Polynesian Bride

Erika and her fiancé, James, have been engaged for 11 months and are looking forward to their wedding. But between a traditional Samoan money dance (headpiece and all) and an overwhelmed bride, this wedding is starting to scare David.  Get to know this couple a little bit better by checking out some fun facts and stats below:

  • Original wedding venue was going to be at her uncle’s yard in San Pedro, California
  • Erika wanted a donkey at her wedding for her guests to take pictures with
  • She thought that planning a wedding would be so much fun
  • Erika finds that it has been very difficult to find an affordable wedding venue that gives her the Spanish feel that she wants
  • James and his Polynesian family love to dance
  • Erika wanted to ask one of her friends to use her wedding dress
  • The couple met seven years ago while attending community college
  • They dated for a few months, but things didn’t work out due to James’ constant traveling and focus on baseball
  • James and Erika say their daughter is a Meximoan creation- Mexican and Samoan

James’ family doesn’t like spicy Mexican food, which Erika wants for the wedding