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WE Tells All: My Fair Wedding Unveiled, Traveling Teacher Bride

Debbie, a kindergarten teacher and Daniel, a high school teacher save their money all year to travel during the summer.  Travel is life to the couple!  The only snag is that David finds this theme to be BORING, and with the couple not being as adventurous as David would hope, WE’re not sure how he will pull this one off.  Get to know this couple a little bit better by checking out some fun facts and stats below:

  • The first trip the couple took together was to East Africa, roughing it in the bush
  • Debbie loves red roses!
  • Debbie was originally planning a “Black and White Old Hollywood and Traveling Teachers” wedding
  • The couple always wanted to get married outdoors
  • Even though they went to the same high school they did not actually know each other
  • Daniel and Debbie had some of the same friends in high school
  • Debbie and Daniel met on Facebook two years ago
  • Debbie and Daniel have been engaged for six months
  • Daniel did not want a traditional wedding
  • Daniel and Debbie love spending time doing activities outside