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What color should you choose for your wedding day?

Brides know how much goes into choosing wedding colors—after all, it has a big impact on your event’s style. “Color can dramatically affect emotions, as well as influence certain physiological reactions,” says Nancy Stoltz, director of marketing & design at Creative Coverings, Inc.

In fact, color is so important that each fall and spring, Pantone, the leading authority on color, comes out with the following season’s color trends and announces the hot color of the year in early spring. “This year’s color is the vivacious Tangerine Tango, a fiery reddish-orange hue that we are already seeing on the fashion runways, in cosmetics, and in home décor,” says Stoltz.

And whether you’re going with the latest trend or choosing a hue completely out of the box, your wedding day colors are also a big reflection of your own unique personality and style. “Color choices reveal everything about personality,” says Dr. Sharon Stills, a naturopathic physician. “It is a psychosomatic response.  And the same goes for brides when they decide they want the bridesmaids to wear orange or the flowers to be pink—they are making a choice (often subconscious) about the energy and emotion they want represented in the room.”

So, what message do certain colors send out to your guests?

White: Of course, most brides wear this hue on their wedding day. And the fact that it represents absolute freedom makes it an interesting choice, says Dr. Stills. “It is saying that I give myself absolute freedom to be myself, which hopefully is supported by your partner.”

Brown: “There is not much room for brown as that is a color of laziness and couch potatoes,” says Dr. Stills.  “And couples will want their guests up on the dance floor.” If you do choose brown, pair it with a more energizing color, like red or orange.

Black: Sophistication, power, elegance; in some cultures it represents death or mourning, but in others it can mean life or rebirth. It is an appropriate color for high-end, black tie events.

Red: Excitement, passion, intensity—it creates strong emotions and attention-grabbing; it also causes blood pressure and heart rate to rise. “A splash of Red is great, but not too much or fights could break out between estranged family members,” says Dr. Stills.

Orange: Vibrancy, energy, excitement; it creates a playful environment for your guests.

Yellow: This is an interesting color, says Dr. Stills. “It’s not a great color for the bride and groom because it can symbolize a bird flying away.  It is expansive and flirty and wants to experience everything and everyone—it’s a color associated with affairs.  However, for the attendees yellow could be a great color to encourage the guests to interact with each other and make new friends and connections.” With that in mind, use yellow for special touches throughout the day, not as a main hue.

Green: Natural, healthy, tranquil; it creates a calming effect, relieves stress and helps heal; hence, the symbolism behind the term “green room” as a place to relax prior to going on stage to perform. It is also a color to consider for a theme where “growth” is the topic. “It is the color of a strong ego and also of safety,” says Dr. Stills. “In addition, it is the color of indulgence and good food and wine, so it’s a nice color on all ends.”

Blue: It is a tranquil color and the color of stable, loving caring connectedness.  A good relationship is based in blue since it made up of trust and peace.  “Perhaps this is why we have something blue during the wedding day as well so we will always feel content with our beloved,” says Dr. Stills.

Purple: Royalty, wisdom, wealth; it’s an exotic color that is associated with luxury and extravagance, but also a spiritual connection.

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