Season 4, Episode 9

“Picnic Wedding Bride”


Bride Danica planned a perfect red and white picnic wedding. But she's having trouble feeling like a true bride without her mom. David Tutera takes his bride on an emotional journey. Her All-American wedding is red, white, and romantic!

Notes from My Fair Wedding production team Pilgrim Films: While waiting outside at The Americana Mall to try on wedding dresses, apparently there was a little film opening that day and our bride kept getting asked if she was a Harry Potter fan as she was not in the right location for the long line that was already forming. While waiting for the reception reveal at The Universal Backlot, the tram kept coming by filled with tourists who were delighted to see our bride and groom as the coming attraction.  In turn, our bride and groom were just as delighted to be a part of it - joyously and excitedly posing and waving.

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