About the Show

Drama ignites in Miami when casting season begins in the Magic City for a high profile Latin soap opera and a fiery group of frenemies find out they are going for the same lead role. But when a rival comes to town with a dark past and a literal box full of secrets and steals the role right out from under them, the claws come out and a real life scandal the size of Miami explodes. At the center, famous actress and former singer Maria ‘Raquenel’ Portillo, who spent five years in prison for a high profile sex scandal. She has come to Miami to rebuild her life and start anew, but when she wins the coveted role of ‘Rebeca' in the new Telemundo telenovela, Eva La Trailera, her past comes back with a vengeance on and off the set. And it is no accident. Superstar Sissi Fleitas, who lost the role to Raquenel, has set out to expose Raquenel's lurid past in attempt to drive her out of Miami. Determined to break through in the American market and become the next Sofía Vergara, Sissi aims to eliminate anyone who gets in her way. Things escalate when actor Enrique Sapene, Sissi’s devious confidante, brokers a backdoor deal with a gossip magazine to railroad Raquenel into divulging her darkest secrets surrounding the long ago scandal. Swept up in the growing controversy, feisty beauty Adriana Cataño - a well-established model and actress with leading lady dreams of her own; azured-eyed, soap opera hunk, Lyduan Gonzalez with main market appeal; the young and spicy starlet Alina Robert who is climbing the telenovela ranks; lover boy and telenovela star Gustavo Pedraza and his territorial wife, Jenilca; Raquenel’s BFF and actress Liliana Rodríguez Morillo; and outsider Josephine ‘Pepa’ Phoenix  - a singer and actress trying to break into the highly competitive telenovela market. Drama, intrigue and betrayal unfold in My Life is a Telenovela as Raquenel fights desperately to keep her dangerous past buried. But when Enrique’s cloak-and-dagger tactics push everyone to the brink of destruction, real life comes crashing down.