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10 Lies We Don’t Mind Hearing From Our Guys

Honesty is always the best policy…except when it isn’t. In Mystery Millionaire, women must decide if they can stay with the guy after he lied to them (about the fact that he’s swimming in millions…). In real life, sometimes little white lies can be excused – and sometimes, appreciated.

These are the 10 times he can (and probably should) stretch the truth.

10. “I love my new tie. I’m so happy you always buy me one!”
Good. Because guess who’s not getting a sports car, a threesome or a jet pack?

9. “Yeah, brunch with your friends would be great!”
Besides, after two Bloody Marys, you know he’ll be dishing out guy advice like a true BFF.

8. “You know, the character development in GIRLS is really complex, and it’s so action-packed!”
Yeah, sure you feel that way. It’s okay honey, I know you’re thinking: “Boobs. There are boobs in it.

7. “Your cooking is SO good, but I want to give you a night off. Let’s order in!”
It’s okay, sometimes we just feel like eating pizza in our PJs too.

6. “What? No, I just have like ten pairs of boxers that are all the same color.”
Let’s hope, for hygiene’s sake. Ew.

5. “Your hair looks fantastic!”
Translation: “You were out of the house all day, and something is different but I’m not sure what, so this will cover it, right?” Yep, it’ll do.

4. “It’s so nice we’re able to stay at your parents’ place.”
Awkward morning pancakes and interrogations about grandchildren instead of hot hotel sex? Thanks for taking it all on to spare us the grief from our Mom.

3. “That dress looks as good as it did on our first date!”
It definitely doesn’t, but we love that in your eyes, it kind of does. (Swoon.)

2. “Everyone else got a lap dance, but not me! I think that’s so sad, honestly.”
This is the only acceptable bachelor party recap.

And finally,
1. “That is the BEST sex I’ve ever had.”

This one is true, actually. Right? Right?!?!