About Vito

Vito Glazers is a 28-year-old advertising mogul who lives in West Hollywood, CA and is originally from Guatemala. He owns an advertising company worth an estimated $5-$10 million.

Vito has an obsession with luxury sports cars and splurges on the hottest new vehicles. He also collects watches, like Rolex, and will only be caught wearing Gucci or Louis Vuitton. He considers himself a nerd who loves Egyptian art and anything from the Freemasons.

While he enjoys his lifestyle, he grew up very poor and now supports his family. He values a hard-work ethic, and is proud of the mid-Western values he found in Chicago, where he moved to as a child.

Vito says he’s a cheesy romantic but he’s not unrealistic about it. He admits that he’s a little cynical about love and believes that there’s not always an instant spark when you meet someone, but that passion grows from sharing goals together.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

– A woman with a great smile – his favorite body part.

– A woman who’s funny with a positive outlook on life. Dark humor turns him on.

– A woman who’s not part of the Hollywood scene, but can enjoy fun nights out partying.

– A woman who’s professional and financially secure and isn’t coming into the relationship with huge debts. He prefers a woman who pays her own bills, but she doesn’t need to be rich.

– A woman who isn’t a trophy wife, but is a partner instead.

Vito is going undercover as a struggling artist who works as a telemarker (a job he actually used to have!) to pay his bills. He will live in downtown LA and drive an old Lincoln.