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From Bad Girl to Bridezilla: Natalie Nunn Talks Bridesmaids ‘Drama,’ Love at First Sight and Storming Out of Her Bachelorette Party

WE tv’s new Bridezilla Natalie Nunn is no stranger to reality TV — you may have caught her on the fourth season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club in 2009-2010, where she appeared as one of seven “bad girls” with serious anger problems.

Now, 27-year-old Nunn is happily married to 21-year-old football player Jacob Payne, after tying the knot in May (on Cinco de Mayo) at a friend’s mansion in Topanga Canyon, Calif. We caught up with Nunn to ask her about her sexy dress, biggest Bridezilla moments, bridesmaid “drama” and famous ex-boyfriends.

Q. Your dress and flowers were gorgeous! Tell us about them.

A. My dress was from a beautiful designer, Winnie Chlomin, from Winnie Couture in Beverly Hills. The dress was heart-shaped and so beautiful. The flowers were white roses and red roses. My mother, the groom’s mother, the grandparents and fathers had custom floral pieces made just for them.

Q. You said you started thinking about your wedding when you got your first “wedding Barbie with the short sexy wedding dress.” In fact, you said you dreamed of having “the same sexy dress when I get married.” Did you feel like a Barbie doll on your wedding day?

A. I felt like the Barbie I always wanted to be on my wedding day. Unfortunately, I always wanted to have a short and sexy wedding dress, but as I got older I didn’t want a short dress after all.

Q. Do you think you were a Bridezilla? What were your top three biggest Bridezilla moments?

A. Yes, I was a Bridezilla. I demanded a lot, but in the end, it all was worth it, because things went my way. My Bridezilla moments were:

–My wedding dress. The certain one I wanted was a huge issue, because we couldn’t find $100,000 insurance on the dress.

–Jacob’s family coming to L.A. and everyone in his family didn’t get along, so that caused things to be a problem.

–My bridesmaids, who thought it was all about them and telling me what they wanted etc. was an issue.

Q. How did you meet your groom? How did he pop the question? How long was your engagement? How did you know he was “the one”?

A. Jacob and I met in Detroit. I was at an event doing a signing/meet and greet, and he was there. He was so charming and handsome, I fell in love at first sight. He then came to L.A. to visit me and never went back. He had all his stuff shipped, and eight months later he proposed to me on the island of Jamaica in Negril.

Q. Did you and Jacob have any drama over the ring?

At first there was drama over the ring. It was a 2 carat solitaire white gold, but I always wanted a princess cut ring. I just looked past the ring because honestly, anything Jacob does for me makes me smile and happy.

Q. You appeared on The Bad Girls Club. Now that you’re married, are you still a Bad Girl?

A. Yes, I was on Bad Girls Club. And yes, there’s still some bad girl in me, just depends on the situation. I don’t sit around and argue with girls on Bad Girls Club anymore … but girls do flirt with Jacob and that could bring out some inner bad girl in me ha ha ha.

Q. Is it true that you’ve had famous boyfriends in the past?

A. I have had my share of fun … and you can say I’ve been linked to people in the industry who had names, but those relationships never go anywhere. I’m not to type of girl who is just OK with sharing my man with a bunch of girls all over the world.

Q. Do you still have beef with any of the Bad Girls? Are you still close friends with any of the Girls? Were any of them your bridesmaids?

A. I’m done with Bad Girls, LOL, I’m a Bridezilla now turned wife! The only Bad Girl I have brought into the next chapter of my life is Kristen, aka “Blondie,” Lea Lorraine and Morgan. I still talk to Flo — we have moved forward since our last run-in and things are cool now!

Q. Tell us about the ceremony. Was it everything you hoped it would be?

A. My ceremony was amazing. I felt all the blessings and love in the air. My pastor came all the way from my hometown church in the Bay Area. It was just so beautiful.

Q. You’ve said your bridesmaids were the real Bridezillas. What did they do that drove you crazy?

A. My bridesmaids were such divas. They all wanted things to be their way. Hair the way they wanted to wear their hair, dresses to be custom for them, weight-loss workouts for themselves — just a headache.

Q. Is it true that you stormed out of your bachelorette party?

A. Yes, my bachelorette party was just a mess. Drama, drama, drama.

Q. How is married life so far?

A. Married life is amazing, I love my husband so much. We have the most amazing relationship. We have had some small run-ins with different views on my career goals, but we have being working on them. Jacob is very supportive. [He] just wants the best for me and I can honestly say he’s my other half.

Q. You haven’t taken your honeymoon yet, right?

A. Jacob and I will be spending our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. We will be going in July around Jacob’s birthday, on July 18. We can’t wait!

Q. You said you had no wedding budget, “just everything that I want.” You elaborated, “If I don’t get something that’s out of budget I’ll find a way to get it and make sure I have it.” What was your final wedding budget? Did you wind up going over?

A. The wedding was a nice penny! LOL. But it was worth it. Yes, we went over our budget, but most weddings always end up over the budget!