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Michele’s Dress Do’s & Don’ts

Michele Strom, owner of The Winning Crown boutique in Omaha, NE and a former pageant winner, knows it takes a winning eye to spot a winning dress. Here, she shares 10 tips any pageant girl should know if they want to win.

1. Pick a dress on FIT FIRST, color second
2. Schedule an appointment and get expert, personalized advice
3. Research the pageant and know what does well
4. Know what your background on stage will be
5. Know and compliment your best asset(s)

1. Don’t bring an entourage of people to pick out YOUR dress
2. Don’t pick the dress only based on color
3. Don’t copy last year’s winner
4. Don’t buy a dress you don’t love and aren’t comfortable in
5. Don’t try on a dress that is completely out of budget