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Avoid These Top Dress Mistakes

Not only is Michele Strom’s shop, The Winning Crown boutique in Omaha, NE, the go-to pageant store in the Midwest — but she is also a premier pageant coach. Michele knows how to win, and with her special brand of tough love she’ll give you the brutal, honest truth. She’s not hired to make you feel good; she’s hired to make you a winner because for Michele losing is never an option. Luckily, she’s sharing 10 mistakes girls make when picking out their dress. Read below and find out what you should avoid!

1. Most girls don’t know how their body will look on stage. They pick a dress that they think looks great up close in the mirror, forgetting about the stage factor. Always know the stage you will be competing on.

2. Larger and curvier figures should steer clear of Jersey type fabrics because they will hug the body too much.

3. Don’t pick the dress based on a specific color you like. You want to pick a dress that fits and also compliments your skin tone and hair color.

4. Picking cheap satin will always looks bad on a stage with spotlights. If you want to wear satin, invest in real silk satin so it flows on stage and doesn’t appear too shiny.

5. You should always attempt to use the wardrobe sponsor of a particular pageant. The sponsors know what the judges want and are very well educated in these pageants.

6. Always invest in proper alterations for a dress. It should fit like a glove, and the length should just hit the floor.

7. The dress is too short for stage. Your dress should just brush the floor with your heels on. If you don’t have a slit in your dress and your shoes show, then you know it is too short.

8. Know your body. Be realistic when picking out a dress that will best suit your body and your best assets.

9. Don’t try on too many dresses. Figure out what style looks best and stick to dresses that fit that criteria. You should be able to find the perfect dress in less than 10 dresses. Overanalyzing the dress selection will leave you feeling overwhelmed and less confident in your choice, and that will show when you are on stage.

10. Don’t be swayed by big discounts or online shopping. You get what you pay for. Paying for expert help in finding that dream dress is priceless. Don’t shop online for that one day sale only to be disappointed with a dress that doesn’t fit or is damaged when you receive it.