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We Couldn’t Have Planned This Wedding Without Our Planner

By Carrie & Jeff

Jeff’s brother introduced us. We went to dinner at Hankes and pretty much have been in love ever since. It took 7 years and a lot of long conversations about love and marriage to get to this day. It’s truly special for both of us to share with family and friends who have been there waiting 7 years for this to happen! The wedding is on the sweetest day – exactly 7 years from the day that we met!

The proposal happened in the Harry Winston store! We planned our wedding for 10 months. Our planner Lourdes MIlian was the best! She found out she was pregnant 3 months into planning and on our wedding day she was 8 months!! Couldn’t have done it without her. It was truly a blessing to have met her and worked with her!
We paid for the majority of the wedding along with help from both families. The budget was more than doubled halfway through the planning process. The dress and the ring we didn’t even figure into the budget . My only regret is that I love love love PEONIES and they were not in season in October, so we went with an abundance of white flower bouquets.

The most exciting thing that happened was that my girlfriend Olga came all the way from Chile for the wedding. I was so happy she made it! The groom’s sister and her 8 children couldn’t make the trip from Alabama because a couple of the kids were really sick. Then a couple days before, the groom’s mother ended up getting pneumonia so 10 people in the family were not going to be attending, less than a week before the wedding !!! SEATING DISASTER!

I had to have the most beautiful dress ever!! Badgley Mischka made my one of a kind dress! It took 9 months to get it finished.

My wedding was a reflection of my personal style. I love the black bridesmaid dresses and the cut was so classy and elegant for the girls! The wedding was dripping in beautiful details with the girls, the flowers, the dresses and the decor. It was truly the most beautiful, elegant event I have ever experienced. The musicians played Bittersweet Symphony after the vows and our introduction as husband and wife – it was amazing. It was also truly special that our great and talented friend Dave Powers came to play piano for the reception. He has known us all through the course of our relationship and his music is amazing!

My advice for other couples would be to enjoy every minute of the planning, the stress, and the fun!! I think I have watched my wedding video 50 times in the last 3 months! I loved every minute of it!!

My friends have been so wonderful in helping me do things the week of the wedding since it was a little hectic and busy. We were both pretty calm and happy all week. The week was a breeze! When I started planning the wedding one of my girlfriends told me to start to watch the show for ideas. Lourdes then asked if I would be willing to do it!! Everyone was thrilled!!!! I love Platinum Weddings!