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Kiesha Dishes On Blind Dates

Is it me or is going on a blind date one of the most uncomfortable voluntary experiences that one can endure, trumped only by a colonic; both of course have the potential to be a pain in the you know what.  I compare blind dating to going to a restaurant and instead of ordering what you’d prefer from the menu, you say “I’m starving, so just give me what you want me to have.”

Filming “Pregnant & Dating” I was brave enough to go on two blind dates, both set up by the same friend, who was determined to right a wrong after the first date crashed and burned.

As a super control freak, I think the hardest part about going on blind dates is giving someone else the power to choose for me, but I must admit that on “Pregnant & Dating” this actually worked out pretty nicely for me.

I went out with a guy that I never would have chosen had I been doing the choosing, and one date turned into something kind of special…at least I hope 🙂

Thanks & God Bless,