Melissa Meister

About Melissa Meister

Model-turned-celebrity stylist, Melissa Meister runs in an ultra-glamorous Hollywood scene. She’s styled the likes of Taylor Swift, Shakira and Serena Williams and can be found hosting her own web show, POPdrop, from the runway to the hottest spots across the country. Whether she's creating a red carpet look for an A-lister or designing for a movie, Melissa is a curator of pop trends and fashion.  

Melissa has always wanted a child and even tried artificial insemination. But when that failed, she gave up hope. Fast-forward a few years and a three-year relationship, and suddenly Melissa finds herself pregnant! And while she’s overjoyed with the news, her boyfriend has left town with his new girlfriend and says he won’t be around when their baby is born. As Melissa struggles with the loss of her ex, her friends beg her to dump her bad-boy past and move on to the good guys!