Jennifer Masche


My name is Jennifer Lynn Masche. I am 35 years old and live in Destin, Florida.  I am a physician’s assistant and I work at Sacred Heart Hospital in the emergency room...

Bailey Elizabeth


Bailey has beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and an award-winning smile. Bailey is our fashion diva; she is always carrying a purse, a pair of shoes, and one item from her mother's makeup collection...

Cole Robert


Cole is the smallest of the boys but mighty. He truly has the most sweet, genuine smile you have ever seen in your life. He has darker hair than his brothers but since we moved to Florida, he is becoming more blonde...

Molli Grace


Molli has lovely straight brown hair and the most beautiful brown eyes ever. Molli is the easiest, most low-maintenance child ever; anyone could handle six Mollis! Molli is the number one animal lover in the family and Bryan and I think she might become a veterinarian one day...

Bryan Masche


My name is Bryan Masche. I am a 32-year-old father of sextuplets living in Destin, Florida with my wife Jenny.  After leaving my job as a pharmaceutical salesman last year, I started my own business as a financial consultant...

Blake Nickolas


Blake loves to do jobs around the house and loves to wear a tool belt!  He loves to help Bryan with any project around the house.  Blake is the best communicator among the kids.  He is an intent listener and likes to talk on the phone...

Grant William


Grant has dark blue eyes with a thick head of blond hair. We have learned over time that Grant is our gentle giant. He is not a fighter but a lover. He smiles with the most adorable dimples ever and loves to give kisses...

Savannah Jane


Savannah is sassy, sweet and a future performer.  She loves to assemble costumes from different items around the house and surprise everyone with a spontaneous performance in the living room...

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