Bailey Elizabeth

About Bailey Elizabeth

Bailey Elizabeth was born at 8:22 a.m. on June 11, 2007. Dr. John Elliot at Banner Good Sam Hospital in Phoenix also delivered Bailey. Bailey was a name Bryan and I both loved. After we named Molli and Savannah, there was only one girl left to be named. Therefore, Bailey was Bailey. The name couldn't fit her better!

Bailey is known as "the boss." She is the tallest of the sextuplets and a natural born leaders.  She loves to play mommy and often appoints Cole as “Daddy.”  She has a very strong will and is more persistent than any child I have ever met! She can be very sweet and loving to her sisters and brothers and give them things when they are crying or kiss them to make them feel better. Bailey has beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and an award-winning smile. Bailey is our fashion diva; she is always carrying a purse, a pair of shoes, and one item from her mother's makeup collection.  Bailey likes to surround herself in pink and her dream is to ride a pink horse.  She also loves to imitate her mama by talking on the phone all day. Bailey’s first day on TV was the day she was born!