Blake Nickolas

About Blake Nickolas

Blake Nickolas was finally born at 8:26 a.m. on June 11, 2007. He was also delivered by Dr. John Elliot at Banner Good Sam Hospital in Phoenix. Blake had the "best real estate" in the womb and people often say of him "the last shall be first."

Blake loves to do jobs around the house and loves to wear a tool belt!  He loves to help Bryan with any project around the house.  Blake is the best communicator among the kids.  He is an intent listener and likes to talk on the phone.  If I explain to him what needs to happen, he understands and does his best to help me out.  Blake likes things to be exact, which is a trait of his father’s. Blake has blond hair and hazel eyes and has already taken the role of protector in the family. He defends and protects his siblings whenever he thinks they are in need. Blake loves "big people stuff”—Dad’s computer, Mom's cell phone, the broom, the mop and Dad's toolbox. Blake is ready to be a grownup.  He and Cole are the only two who are not yet potty trained—we are working on that!