Bryan Masche

About Bryan Masche

My name is Bryan Masche. I am a 32-year-old father of sextuplets living in Destin, Florida with my wife Jenny.  After leaving my job as a pharmaceutical salesman last year, I started my own business as a financial consultant.  I served eight years in the United States Air Force Security Forces. This was a great experience as I was able to explore the entire globe. I lived for almost two years in both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I also lived in Tokyo for two years and have explored South Korea, Guam, Hawaii and Italy.

In college I studied justice studies and political science at Arizona State University and played rugby for the Sun Devils. I completed my MBA at the University of Phoenix and am pondering the pursuit of a doctorate.  Jenny and I run a small real estate investment company.  My other hobbies include shooting guns, blowing things up in the desert, and reading books about politics, business, sales, real estate, debating current issues as well as the Bible.  I have a daily work out routine that involves running on the treadmill and lifting weights.  Finding time to do this is always a negotiation with Jenny but we work it out just fine.  Since moving to Florida, I have joined the Local Kiwanis club and love to network locally and internationally.  My dream is to live on a big ranch with our kids and run for office, either for the state senate in Florida or perhaps the U.S. Congress.