Cole Robert

About Cole Robert

Cole Robert was born at 8:24 a.m. on June 11, 2007. Cole was delivered at Banner Good Sam Hospital in Phoenix by Dr. John Elliot. Cole was the first baby I held and named. With his small frame and his big eyes, I saw a resemblance to my father, Robert, so I wanted him to have the name Cole Robert.

Cole is the smallest of the boys but mighty. He truly has the most sweet, genuine smile you have ever seen in your life. He has darker hair than his brothers but since we moved to Florida, he is becoming more blonde.  With his tan skin and athletic attitude, I think he might become a surfer.  Bryan and I think Cole is an aspiring athlete.  He loves the water more than anything, loves to ride his little cars and loves airplanes. Cole is fascinated by life and says, "Wow, what's that?" about everything he sees. Cole’s first TV appearance was the day he was born!   Cole and Blake are the two kids who are not yet potty trained.  I’m not worried, they will get there.