Grant William

About Grant William

Grant William was born at 8:23 a.m. on June 11, 2007. The great Dr. John Elliot also delivered Grant at Banner Good Sam Hospital. Grant was our biggest baby at a whopping 3 pounds. Daddy first held Grant because he was the biggest, and as he was holding him he said, "He looks big and strong, let's name him Grant."

Grant has dark blue eyes with a thick head of blond hair. We have learned over time that Grant is our gentle giant. He is not a fighter but a lover. He smiles with the most adorable dimples ever and loves to give kisses. Grant doesn’t mind spending time alone but is often the first one to say hi to anyone who walks into the room.  Lately he likes to pretend he is a dinosaur. Grant has Mommy’s laid-back attitude and rarely starts a fight.  He loves to play ball, climb, and he is 100 percent boy! Grant also made his first TV debut the day he was born!