Molli Grace

About Molli Grace

Molli Grace was born at 8:25 a.m. on June 11, 2007. Molli was delivered by Dr. Elliot at Banner Good Sam Hospital in Phoenix. Molli was the only baby not needing any airway assistance at birth, so the respiratory therapist called her our little fighter.

Molli has lovely straight brown hair and the most beautiful brown eyes ever. Molli is the easiest, most low-maintenance child ever; anyone could handle six Mollis! Molli is the number one animal lover in the family and Bryan and I think she might become a veterinarian one day.  Molli’s favorite food is mac and cheese.  She is very girly in that she doesn’t like to get dirty and she loves to please her parents.  She loves to be held and refuses to be put down, wrapping her legs tightly around your waist, so I have nicknamed her my little koala. Molli's first TV debut was the day she was born!