“Roseanne” is about ordinary people who face day-to-day survival with a sense of humor and absurdity. At the epicenter presides the inimitable Roseanne. Her observations on life’s little travails, be they sarcastic or incorrigibly honest, unerringly hit home.

Roseanne is the type who is always ready to charge into the fight. Dan’s (John Goodman) the one hauling back on the reins. His secret weapon to disarm her is a sense of humor just as caustic as her own. The bottom line is that, through it all, they truly do respect and love one another.

When we first met the Conners (October 18, 1988), we saw a loving family trying to make ends meet, with Roseanne working alongside sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) at the Wellman Plastics Factory. Dan was an independent contractor and the kids were between the ages of 5 and 12.

Over the nine years as the children grew, so did the challenges. Roseanne would quit her job at the factory (Season 2) and take several jobs to make ends meet, including a hair washer at a beauty salon, magazine telemarketer and a waitress at the local mall (Seasons 3-4). Working in a restaurant would eventually inspire Roseanne to open up her own diner with the help of Jackie, mom Bev and friend Nancy (Seasons 5-8).

Dan eventually loses his construction job and independent contracting business and opens a motorcycle shop. But tough times will force him to close the doors after only two years. This will also force Dan to work for the city as a vehicle maintenance supervisor.

Through the tough times Dan and Roseanne have only one thing on their minds, the welfare of their kids, who mean everything to them.

Roseanne is a Full Moon/High Tide Production in association with Carsey-Werner and was created by Matt Williams. Roseanne, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner served as Executive Producers and Caryn Mandabach was Supervising Producer.

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