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Deals in Heels

Season 1, Episode 1
Aired 11.5.15

When power broker, A’lana, gets a multi-million dollar deal, she seeks the biggest & baddest agents in the hot Atlanta market to join her team. Show Full Recap

When power broker, A’lana, gets a multi-million dollar deal, she recruits the best agents in the hot ATL market to join her team. At a private open, she invites six agents who clash when they’re put to the test. Sarah’s properties are upscale, while Tahlia networks with rappers. Crishena focuses on luxury, while Okevia balances real estate and her salon. Gwen is returning to real estate, and Jae needs to prove herself. The competition gets fierce as they fight for a piece of this lucrative deal.


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Brandon Ruffin

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