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Roxana Zal on Episode 1: Rules of Engagement

Yayy so happy episode 1 arrived! The ball is rolling for Shannen’s wedding, woohoo. It’s going to be a crazzzzy ride.

Seeing us walk into Geary’s reminded me how much she took on trying to plan this wedding in such a short amount of time. Yikes! I really loved she included me in being a part of picking her wedding registry..Luckily her hyperventilation moment didn’t turn into her passing out in Geary’s, haha…

Decisions, decisions, football vs. wedding planning was an interesting dilemma….good thing she decided to hire a wedding planner!! 🙂

Last and most important, I was very touched and emotional thinking about her feelings around her dad and him not being there through all of this. I know it’s really hard for her….luckily she has many people around her that love her and will walk her through this.