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Shannen Doherty on Episode 5: A Wedding in Prague-ress

Last nights episodes were really interesting for Kurt and me to watch. I always say that this show is like the best therapy session, we can look back and see the things that we did wrong, or right. I have the utmost respect for Kurt’s career and he will be the first to tell you, that I am his biggest supporter. I also know, careers don’t last forever but your family and friends will be there through it all. Family is the most important thing to me and I treasure the people in my life, I hope I always make them feel like they are my priority.

Watching the show, Kurt and I were cracking up at each other. He is so funny and I hope you all got to see how special our relationship is. He can make me laugh even when I am standing in a dress made out of pigeon feathers, looking like a bad version of Bjork. My mom is my rock and is always fair in her assessment of my mistakes. She offers up endless love and support and I am truly blessed. Prague was so amazing, a beautiful place and a special time for Kurt and me. We got to unwind and reconnect from the pressures of everyday life and the stress of planning a wedding in such little time. My uncle Ben was so cute last night and really shows the kind of family I come from…just down home, normal people. Kurt’s parents are similar to my family, in that they are very humble, normal, down to earth people who love and support us.

The moments leading up to a wedding are so special, like my bridal shower. To hear my friends toast, how they feel about us and the support and love from them was amazing. And wasn’t Kurt adorable, he couldn’t even get through his speech to me! We have such love for one another and like every couple, we have fights but in the end, we always work things out and only get stronger. I really hope you all are liking the show, we are very proud of it and are thrilled with the job everyone did. Next up…WEDDING!!! Can’t wait for next week!