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Top 7 Shannen Doherty TV Series

Are you as excited as WE are for Shannen Doherty’s all new series on WE tv? In anticipation for the April 2012 debut of  Shannen Says, chronicling her relationship and wedding to hubby Kurt Iswarienko, we came up with our Top 7 all-time favorite TV Series that Shannen has had a major role in, in order. Yes, we may be a little biased and believe Charmed was her number one, but there is room for disagreement. Click here to create your own order! Below is a detailed description of Shannen’s role in each show.

1) Charmed
Playing the first born witch, Prue Halliwell, in the hit TV-series Charmed, Shannen got to act as the sister who could move objects with her magical power of telekinesis. Check out Shannen as Prue!

2) Beverly Hills, 90210
Shannen played high schooler Brenda Walsh in 111 episodes of this hit series. The show portrays the drama that unfolds in the high school lifestyle of the Beverly Hills neighborhood. Brenda is one of the show’s female leads who after her father got a promotion, she moved to Beverly Hills from Minnesota, in which she struggles with the cultural differences and her new classmates. Brenda also is involved in many different relationships!

3) Little House on the Prairie
In 1974, after the two-hour long movie was so successful, NBC turned Little House on the Prairie into a TV drama series, which is about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. From 1982-1983, the show featured Shannen as Jenny Wilder, the niece of Almanzo and Laura Wilder who later adopt her after father, Royal Wilder, dies. Click through this clip to see Shannen so young and innocent!

4) Our House
Shannen played in all 46 episodes of Our House as Kris Witherspoon, a 15-year-old daughter who has just lost her father. Her family moves in with her widowed grandfather. Watch for Shannen in this clip!

5) 90210
In 2008, Shannen returns to the modern spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 to continue filming as Brenda Walsh. After a physical examination that determined she was incapable of conceiving children, Brenda is now much happier with her life and her adopted baby girl. Check out Shannen’s first scene back as Brenda Walsh!

6) North Shore
Even though Shannen was only in 11 episodes of TV-series North Shore from 2004-2005, she is pretty well known for it. Shannen plays Alexandra Hudson, main character Nicole Booth’s half sister, who shockingly winds up in a position of power of the Grand Waimea hotel.

7) The Secret of Lost Creek
Shannen acted as the adventurous main character Jeannie Fogel in the series The Secret of Lost Creek. Throughout the 15 episodes, she follows clues to a lost treasure she believes she has found with her brother Robert during their vacation.