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Meredith Atkins

Meredith on Episode 3: Hole In My Pocket

Since we are talking about health, I think this would be the perfect time to share the Master Cleanse with you. The Master Cleanse has been called a diet of sorts.  However, I tend to think of it as simply a good way to jump-start a healthier way of eating.  If you are considering trying the Master Cleanse, consult with your physician to determine if it’s the right program for you.

The recipe for the Master Cleanse is simple.  It’s a mixture of fresh lemon juice, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  That’s it!  You drink this mixture, and only this mixture, for 14-days, in conjunction with a daily laxative.  Recommended laxative choices would be a nightly non-caffeinated herbal tea, such as Smooth Move.  Subtle, I know. Or a salt-water flush taken each morning.  They both work, but the salt water works immediately; meaning don’t make plans to leave home for at least an hour after salt water flush.

The first couple of days are rough.  I craved food I didn’t even like.  But by the third day, I began to feel better, clearer.  I had more energy.  My senses seemed heightened, which was why I was all over Sinbad about the burger wrapper.  I could smell it and I wanted that burger.  As tempting as that was, however, I stuck it out simply because the thought of going through the first two days again was out of the question.

Oh, and the self-prostate exam…I think I’m going to leave that alone entirely.