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Paige Adkins

Paige on Episode 3: Hole In My Pocket

This episode was all about health and fitness.  Not the yo-yo diet, starve yourself, work out really hard for three weeks than not again for a year kind of fitness, but actually learning certain tools to make it a life style.  I’m not gonna lie, it scared the crap out of me that my dad’s blood pressure was so excessively high.  I was also equally shocked because he usually does a good job of taking care of himself.

One thing about being a very close, tight nit family, like we are, is that when one of us has a problem… we all have a problem.  Now I’m all for working out and being in shape, but I not really a group work-out kind of girl.  However, considering this was for the greater good of my daddy, I went along for the ride.

I’ve never done so many different kinds of workouts in my life!!!  By the end of it all, I wanted to just fall over and not move for a good 2-3 days.  Doing your cardio and lifting is important, but I’ve come to find that none of it really means anything unless your eating habits are in order.  Now ya girl got a bit of a sweet tooth… my favorite candy is hot tamales, I LOVE ice cream and don’t even get me started on my steamy love affair with bread and pasta, LOL!!!  So it’s unfortunate that none of those things are actually good for me and they always seem to go straight to my favorite problem areas.  This is why I thought it would be good, for all of us, if Chef Sam came by and gave us a few pointers.

I don’t even have words for the stare down that took place between Sam and my dad… He really loved that lemon cake;-) I’m happy tho that after all was said and done; Sam prepared a great meal, which gave us a wonderful head start into making smarter and healthier food choices… especially for papa bear! I’m glad my dad’s blood pressure went down a bit, by no means was it good, but he’s getting there.  Lucky for him he has a loving, pushy family that will make sure he stays healthy… There are so many good years of driving him crazy ahead!!

I believe it’s important to make health a lifestyle and it’s just about learning to balance.  If you indulge every now and again then that’s fine as long as every now and again is maybe a couple times a week and not a couple times a day, lol!  Also don’t get crazy about it… I know, for me, being in this industry your weight and appearance is always under the microscope.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve allowed myself to feel down because I don’t look like the pop star on the magazines.  However, although there are things about my body I am working on improving, what is most important is loving how you are as you are… There isn’t just one idea of what is beautiful so make sure whatever you do, you’re doing it for yourself and not so you can fit some mold.