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Paige Adkins

Paige on Episode 4: Cookout

It’s BBQ time, Adkins style baby!!! My family is HUGE on any reason to get our closest friends and family together and chow down on some great food, conversation and music.  While my parents were divorced, it became a tradition at my dad’s house to have these BBQs.  So it was only right that before we moved out, we have one more blowout.  That day was truly bittersweet because it was probably one of the best cookouts we’ve ever had, but we knew that it would be last one in that house and maybe even for awhile.

We started to notice that my dad was getting a little sad (I think it was finally starting to hit him) so we decided that hey the location may be different, but the tradition can remain the same!  It just 24 hours we set out on a mission to have the BBQ of a lifetime.  All it was gonna take was a little cleaning and tidying up around the house to get things ready… No problem (or so I thought).

Now let me ask you question, if there is an outdoor bathroom at your house that has been locked and unopened for at least 15 years wouldn’t you maybe just let it stay closed for one more day? I mean, 15 years is loooong time for something to just be left unattended… Think of all the wild creatures that can set up shop in there! Well, lucky for me that’s exactly what happened… A frickin anaconda tried to kill me!!! Okay maybe it didn’t try to kill me and maybe it wasn’t an anaconda, but that does not change the fact that it scared the crap out of me, LOL!  Thank God we (by we I mean my dad and Royce, lol) were able to get rid of it before everybody got to the house.

One of the high notes of the day was definitely the panuche contest with my mom! Pause… I know you’re probably wondering what in the world is a panuche?! Well it’s a family recipe and the best way to describe it is as a brown sugar brownie (doesn’t do it justice tho).  Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the ingredients with you without having to take your life in exchange, LOL! I’m just playing… Maybe;-)  Anyhoo the verdict is still out on whom won the competition, but I don’t need a verdict… I know the truth… It was myself of course!

I could go on and on about how amazing that day was and very much needed for my family.  It was amazing and comforting to be surrounded by the smiling faces of people we love and who love us the most (there’s nothing like family).  It was great to just be able to clear our minds of all the mess and not have to worry about things that have happened and just truly enjoy each other.  It was an amazing start to a wonderful new chapter in our lives… I can’t wait til next one!!!