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Sinbad on Episode 3: Hole In My Pocket

OK peoples, this show is about getting healthy. Yes it is time for all of us not to just hit the gym, but keep on hitting it.  That is the problem with most health programs; we start off strong and then… TIRED!

Everybody has his or her own way of getting in shape: my son likes to lift weights and do martial arts; my daughter likes being outdoors and yoga and whatever; my wife wants to hip hop dance and be somewhere other than in the gym.  I like to go to the gym, spin and box… now just because I like it, doesn’t mean I do it consistently.

I get some bad news from the doc about my blood pressure so I gots to get serious because I plan on being here awhile and watching my grandkids jack my kids up….gots to live long enough to see that go down.

Had to bring in a friend of Paige – Sam Bell, who is a chef and works out at our gym. We had some struggles at first. I don’t understand someone coming into your home and going through your pantry and fridge and throwing stuff out that we bought. Almost had to call 911 for the brother.

My black people, we have to take better care of ourselves. All that soul food, although it tastes good, is not good for us. And we have got to check the prostate, MEN!  I know that it is kinda freaky deaky, but it must be done for the ones we love.

Peace out – sees you next week!