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Royce Atkins

Royce on Episode 1: A Place for My Stuff

I’ve often reminisced over the good old times of childhood. Life seemed more fun and carefree. Waking up every morning to my mom’s breakfast of champions was just the kick-start one needed to start their day. To me, those days were long gone. You can understand my excitement when I learned I would be getting part of that memory back.

However, it wouldn’t come without a price. My dad had lost his house over a situation with the IRS, the house Paige and I had been living in prior to the move. This was a difficult time for us as a family to deal with. But what has always been a great quality of ours is we never let ourselves be brought down, no matter what obstacles life sets in front of us. We decided to view this as a point at which to start over, a new beginning for our family. All of us returning under one roof after losing a home, and being able to relive a piece of my childhood is my negative gone positive. It’s turning out to be somewhat of an adjustment for everyone, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m loving it!