Vinny Buzzetta


Vinny has always had a passion for food, especially chocolate, as well as the desire to own his own bakery where he could showcase his talent and skill as a pastry artist and cake designer.

Kristin Buzzetta


Vinny’s chic, shopaholic little sister.

Spiro Grammatikopoulos


Vinny’s best friend and life partner.

Joe Celentano

Cousin Joe

Vinny's older cousin.

Jess Mari

Jess Mari

Works at The Cake Artist, and specializes in the sculpted elements of Vinny’s cake creations. 

Cammy Picciano


Cammy is Vinny’s Mom and biggest supporter.

“Crazy Joe” Russo

Grandpa Joe

The Grandpa, lovingly referred to around Staten Island as “Crazy Joe.”

Rob Picciano


Rob is Cammy’s loving husband of over 10 years.

Teresa Vocile

Teresa Vocile

One of Vinny’s most trusted employees at The Cake Artist.

Sam Misiti

Sam Misiti

Works at The Cake Artist, and has a great eye for detail.

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