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63 Years Young… and Loving It!

My name is Joanne. I am 63 years. young. I retired in 2001 as a real estate salesperson. I am married to Jim, Mr. CSI. Jim was a Lab Director for the Michigan State Police. My husband played golf in Scottsdale (once) and knew that he wanted to retire to AZ, so here we are! I guess truly the most important decision about moving here was that I have Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed in my late 20s) and the “dry heat” was much better for me than the humidity.

Living in Sun City Grand offers us a large range of activities. There is something here for everyone. I love golf and there are many wonderful and challenging courses. From my golf, I have established an incredible group of friends. We meet most afternoons at 3:00 for a glass of wine and we do solve most of the problems of the world. Surprise, AZ. is “a gem within the mountains.”

Moving to Surprise has allowed me the ability to interact with people that are at the same stage in their lives and have chosen to enjoy an active lifestyle. It’s like high school or college, but without all the baggage of those time periods.

I currently belong to the Ladies Grand Niners, a league of women that prefer to play 9 holes of golf instead of the traditional 18. There are over 300 of us. Thursday I play again with a group of gals that like to play 18 holes, as well as, a Sunday golf group. I am also a member of the Blue Thong Society. Our chapter is very involved with a home for domestic violence victims. I guess I would describe myself as a very active women; I have always taken the position with my Multiple Sclerosis that if you don’t use it you lose it! My husband and I have owned two Harley Motorcycles. I would be the one riding on the back-not driving. What can I say… loved the clothes, disliked the riding part.

My children are very active. They love coming, not just to take in the sun, but we have done some skiing, hiking and touring AZ with them. When we first decided to move to Surprise, I called my children to let them know our plans. They asked in what area of AZ are you thinking. I said “Surprise” — I was trying to be funny; they didn’t laugh!

The word “senior citizen” means to me the beginning of a new phase in my life. I have raised my family and now it is the time for me to step back and reap the rewards. I also like the senior discounts! Being older gives me the wisdom to live my life smarter and the freedom to enjoy it as I choose. I have lived an action packed life in my 63yrs., for which I count my blessings. I would not want to redo any of my past years. I appreciate where I am now and am enjoying every moment of it! And I do buy green bananas!

I can not begin to tell you how thrilling it is working with WE tv on the upcoming series Sunset Daze. I have been just in awe as to what all goes into the making of this project. I have had the pleasure of meeting people, that without Sunset Daze, I would never have met. The degree of professionalism is unsurpassed.

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