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Senior Citizens not D.O.A. – as Many Think

My name is Jack. I’m 72 years young and retired. I moved to Surprise, AZ to live in Sun City Grand because it is a fantastic active adult community comprised of just about anything you might want to enjoy. To say it is beautiful would be an understatement, and I think I’m growing younger every day.

I am single, active in the singles club and dating. There is so much to do that I seem to be busier now than when I was working, and I’m enjoying every minute. There are about 10,000 homes and 18,000 people in Sun City Grand, and about 400 in the singles club. The city of Surprise is one of the fastest growing new towns in the suburban Phoenix (metro) area with about 110,000 people, and is close to Phoenix/Scottsdale for big-time shopping and entertainment.

Living in Surprise is a lot more educational than high school or college because there is a lot of intelligent experience here – so many interesting people with fascinating backgrounds! I’m doing a lot more dancing and entertaining than ever, and I’m more fit than I was 20 years ago. 

My family is in Southern California and would like to have me there, but I like it here. They don’t visit here much so I go there three or four times a year. I have a wonderful little puppy named “Mosin” (15 pounds). He is a Shih-Tzu and is apricot and white and yes, we sleep together. We go to the dog park every day and that’s where we talk politics to anyone who will listen. It gets to be great fun.

As a single guy, I think most people see me as a jock, but I’m really all about love and laughter. I’m searching for someone to share the rest of my life with – someone very special, and a big sense of humor is important. For me, love and laughter are the two most important parts of life. I’m just not 100% right without both of them.

Let me dispel one great misconception about life as a senior citizen – we are not “D.O.A.” as many may think. We are having the time of our lives, and right now I don’t miss a thing about being young and what I enjoy most about being older is being alive to enjoy it!

Other than being a “hopeless romantic,” I think I’m just a regular guy. But my family, especially my sons David and Michael, because of the “Sunset Daze” experience, think I’m really something special. I’m happy.

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